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Every business wants to emulate the most successful and the best content marketing campaigns in the history of digital marketing. As online relevance becomes a bigger factor for search engine ranking this 2016, more marketing professionals are also starting to explore the untapped potential of content marketing in improving organic results.

Learn from the best examples in this marketing strategy.

1. Traveler’s Guide to Tipping by Hipmunk

It is a collection of FAQs for travelers categorized according to country. There is nothing new to it, but the quality of the specified content is simply relevant and comprehensive.

2. Easy recipe videos on Facebook by Huffington Post

What’s new about Huffington Post’s video collection is their conciseness. All of them last for 60 seconds and below, which is great for chef-wannabes who have short attention span. Using Facebook in uploading the videos also makes it easier for the blog’s followers to share every content.

3. Categorized personal grooming videos by Birthbox

This is another example of specified how-to videos. Their instructional vlog is specific that they even have entries for “Valentine’s Day make-up,” “skin moisturizing during winter,” and “best products for men with long hair.”

4. The Txchnologist by GE

This content marketing campaign innovates business-to-business communication (B2B) by using a digital and printed magazine. Instead of making blatant offers and giving straightforward proposals, they introduce their potential clients and partners to a world of possibilities as far as electronics and technology are concerned.

5. Up-to-date infographics by MOZ

MOZ is a prominent leader in search engine optimization, and they are playing that part well by offering highly relevant information to other websites in the form of comprehensive infographics. They always stay ahead whenever there are updates in search engine algorithms, and their followers always get the heads up.

6. Green living and beauty blog by Lush Cosmetics

This blog targets beauty-conscious individuals who also want to uphold “green” living. It is one of the pioneers when it comes to this niche in the beauty industry.

7. Customized “Dummies” content by Wiley’s For Dummies

Wiley pushed the envelope even further by allowing companies to create their own For Dummies books for their employees to use. This is a smart way to continue selling books without spending too much on production and marketing. Wiley has practically targeted all businesses in the world that like to have their own For Dummies manual.

All member websites of a private blog network (PBN) should try to emulate the best content marketing campaigns because the more effective their contents are, the higher their chances of directing visitors to other websites within the network.

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